Masterclass Series I: Marketing in the veterinary field

with Earlyn Sharpe

The Power Of Personal Branding

The secrets of “how to market yourself in the veterinary field”


  • Module 1: Veterinarians are sinking in the Sea of Attention – How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand that attracts Loyal Clients and Float to the Top.
  • Module 2: The Power of Personal Branding for Veterinarians & Veterinary Professionals – How to Create and Display Authority Within the VetSpace.
  • Module 3: Building Your Personal Brand Online, Step by Step via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.
  • Module 4: Avoid these Destructive Common Mistakes – What every Veterinarian and Veterinary Professional must know to succeed in Building their Brand.
  • Module 5: Q&A-Live Session for sixty minutes with the Instructor.

The Masterclass Series Outline

Personal branding has never been more important than it is today for veterinarians and veterinary professionals. With the advent and increasing popularization of social and digital media, there are, to put it mildly, so many brands out there. It has never been easier to create a platform and gain a successful following, but there has never been more competition. As a result of this, branding has never been more essential.

The veterinarian world is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the trends is the only way to stay relevant to serve your clients. Who would think that veterinarians would have telemedicine to service their clients and, most importantly, that their clients would comply with this type of service for their pets with such ease in most cases. The pandemic hit us unexpectedly, and we had to conform to a new normal to survive. Now, much of that new normal is here to stay.

Personal branding is for everyone, regardless of the business type or industry. When you think about some of the biggest and most successful brands today, you also think of the people behind them. And naturally, the feelings and impressions you obtain about these entrepreneurs influence your perception of their work. It is becoming no different in the veterinarian world. Although you went to school to become a veterinarian or veterinary professional, you are an entrepreneur if you decide to start your own business. Personal branding is also pivotal if you choose not to become a business owner. You want your clients to be loyal to you. For these reasons, with the massive shift in your industry, personal branding is a lifeline for veterinarians and veterinary professionals in the Vet field.

No one is immune or exempt from the effects of branding, so you need to be ahead of the game, in control of your branding and how the world and clients perceive it.

No longer are we anonymous. We are all online. Having a personal brand controls the narrative about who you are and what you stand for. As a veterinarian or veterinary professional, it allows you to remove the barrier between you and your clients. When done correctly, it is an easy way to present yourself to your clients and give them that space to interact with you online.

Stay tuned – our first Masterclass is coming soon!

The Objectives of the Masterclass Series

At the end of this series, the students will be able:

  • To distinguish the difference between branding & personal branding and apply the strategies correctly to start or advance their brand online.
  • To develop the first 3 steps to creating your branding strategy.
  • To know and apply the 5 keys to the success of a credible brand: confidence, courage, audience, authenticity, and consistency.
  • Choose the social media channels that will best benefit your personal brand.
  • Strategies to grow your personal brand and authority.
  • Start their own personal brand online and develop an Online Digital CV.

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