MASTERCLASS SERIES: The Power of Personal Branding For Veterinary Professionals

You may have already started building your personal brand and might be looking to connect with like-minded individuals in this space to build a network which can create opportunities for each other as well as help gain recognition from industry leaders …

The Masterclass Series The Power of Personal Branding For Veterinary Professionals aims to make you a more valuable member to any business in the Veterinary Industry by teaching you how to:

  • Develop and implement your personal branding strategy
  • Build your One Page business plan that will help you achieve your career goals
  • How to create your marketing plan and grow your social media presence
  • Build customer relationship online that translates into paying clients
  • Attract the type of clients you want to bring into your business or attract the kind of job offers you want that pays well and supports a work life balance
  • Create and grow multiple income sources in your career or business
  • Promote innovative services in your practice that can impress your clients
  • Establish a crisis management team for your practice to be prepared for emergencies
  • Build and implement your 3 or 5-year strategic plan to envision your career path
  • Do a competitor analysis through 10 Competitor Analysis templates to understand where you stand among your competition in the market
  • 10 Customer Personas that will help understand your clients better and fine tune your services to ensure customer delight is achieved
  • Improve your personal brand visibility by writing for publications like VPNextGen
  • Get a guest spot on the Vet Chat With Us podcast to build your personal brand
  • Use the Weekly Group Coaching to get the most value from the course

Meet the experts

Earlyn Sharpe
Director of Online Learning and Training

Nicole LaForest
Licensed Veterinary Technician and Epidemiologist

What you will learn:

The Masterclass Series will comprise of the following modules covering various areas of Personal Branding for Veterinary Professionals.

Module 1: The Power of Personal Branding for Veterinary Professionals - How to Create and Display Authority Within the Veterinary Space.

  • The First Steps To Creating Your Branding Strategy?
  • Positioning Your Personal Brand.
  • The Personal Branding Blueprint
  • The Power of a Great Brand Name
  • How To Design Your Logo and Tagline For Your Veterinary Business

Module 2: Are You Weary or Worried about Unkind Reviews? Build a Powerful Personal Brand that Attracts Loyal Clients in 5 Simple Steps.

  • 10 Steps To The Success of a Credible Personal Brand
  • The Veterinary Business Branding Process
  • Prioritizing Your Personal Branding Goals
  • Aligning Your Mission, Vision, and Personal Brand Identity
  • Including Personal Branding In Your Business & Action Plans
  • Personal Branding Budgeting Realities
Module 3: Building Your Personal Brand Online, Step by Step via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

  • Taking Ownership of Your Personal Brand
  • The Veterinary Business Personal Branding Journey
  • Using Social Media To Grow Into A Personality Brand- Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Blogging, and Podcasting
  • Branding Your Hobby into A Side Hustle
  • Strategies To Grow Your Personal Brand And It’s Authority
  • The Importance of Analytics For Your Personal Brand’s Growth
Module 4: Avoid These Destructive Common Mistakes - What Every Veterinary Professional Must Know to Succeed in Building Their Brand.

  • Taking Action When Bad Things Happen To Good Brands
  • The Best Offence is a Great Defence
  • Planning For Brand Threats and Missed Steps
  • Acting with Speed, Calm, Consistency and Unwavering Client Focus
  • Silence Isn't Golden In A Crisis- You Must Act Wisely
  • How To Pick Up The Pieces Post-Crisis
Module 5: Q&A-Live session for sixty minutes with the instructor.

Added Bonuses
Facebook Live Check-in with the course instructor
Course Forum
Weekly group coaching session
Course Workbook
Prize giveaways
Weekly check-in with VPNextGen Associate


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