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Will I be a bad veterinarian if I don’t like every aspect of the job or all of my classes in vet school?


I don’t like one of my classes but everyone else seems to enjoy it. Does this mean I will be a bad veterinarian if I don’t like every aspect of the job?

Veterinary medicine is an interesting profession. We are the only medical profession that has to learn a variety of species in order to graduate. With this, there will absolutely be some classes you may or may not like. It is only natural because vet med draws people to it for SO many different reasons.

First, let’s start by saying, it is ok if you do not like all of your classes. I started thinking back to my own class at Virginia Tech. The colleges pick students with varied interests so that they can support our entire veterinary community. I remember some students had zero interest in general practice and their eye was strictly on specializing in one subject. I can remember others who did not even want to touch a live animal, they wanted to focus on pathology or go into government work. It is only natural that there will be things you do not enjoy over others because it is impossible to be good at every subject in veterinary medicine.

I went into vet school wanting to be an equine veterinarian. I grew up on a farm and loved shadowing our vet going from farm to farm. Being outside for my job was very appealing. I changed my track from equine to small animal after my first year. After taking multiple classes, I realized I was not nearly as interested in horses as I was in the small animal coursework. I was drawn to the fact that small animals are treated more like a family member. I loved internal medicine and how you can manage a dog or cat with multiple diseases like kidney failure and heart disease. It felt like a puzzle to me to be able to balance the health of the pet and keep them healthy as long as possible. It is something you start to feel as you go along, and it is completely ok to change your mind whether in school or five years after graduation. This is one of the coolest aspects of our profession because there are not many where you can easily change your path throughout your career.

Some schools are different in if they track or not, so this will bring classes into your schedule you may not necessarily enjoy. Your classes build on each other as you go along in order to lay down your knowledge foundation. As long as you learn the material to the best of your ability that is the best you can do. Your classes will help you figure out exactly where your passions lie so that you can find your niche within veterinary medicine. The key is to keep your options open, and remember that we cannot be good at everything. Take what you can from what you dislike, but keep your focus on what you love.



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