VPNextGen Masterclasses

Our Masterclass series are designed for emerging and practicing veterinarians and veterinary professionals

We want to inform, connect, educate, and empower everyone in the veterinarian world where we listen to one another and learn from one another. Our brand approach demonstrates our commitment to moving toward this ideal. The broad range of our instructors and their classes demonstrate our commitment to transforming and elevating diverse voices to be the difference-maker in the veterinarian world.

Masterclass Series Design

The masterclass series consists of 4 masterclasses: four On-Demand and One Live Q & A Session.
Each masterclass module will consist of 6 ten-minute lessons, which amount to 60 minutes.

  • Lessons: Six lessons are interactive and consist of on-demand video lessons, an interactive course workbook, activities after each lesson and at the end of the module, a multiple choice quiz to check for understanding before moving on to the next lesson.
  • Project: Branding project that participants are encouraged to share with their peers and ask for feedback in the community.
  • Live Scheduled Q & A session with the course instructor so students can ask questions in a Live setting for 60 minutes.
  • VpNextGen Associate– Weekly follow-up and check-in on the students with the VPNextGen Associate.


Our first Masterclass is coming soon!


You want to know more about our Masterclasses?

We stand against side-lining mental health, disregarding women’s rights which are human rights. We believe in the values that lead to empowerment. But we also recognize that merely holding these beliefs is not enough. Therefore, we’ve committed to visible and deliberate action with these seven steps.

  • We will use our platform to educate for change
    The masterclasses are created on the premise that learning is for everyone, and we foster that belief by creating lifelong learners on our platform. We are committed to creating content that educates on issues of brand empowerment, mental health and equality, which inspires effective leadership that leads to growth and development.Launching our masterclass series, The Power of Personal Branding for Veterinarians and Veterinary Professionals, The Need For Conscious Conversations In The Veterinary Space, and Money Matters that Create Positive Change Veterinarians & Veterinary Professionals begins the fulfillment of this commitment.
  • We will amplify diverse instructor voices in the veterinarian world.
    Representation matters. In every one of our subject categories, our Subject Matter Experts roster will consistently exceed the knowledge, skillset, and diversity our brand represents. We aim to achieve this representation through the following 100 instructors we bring to our platform.
  • Because we are free to think differently, we will not always share the same point of view. But every masterclass will be an opportunity to learn something different that you can implement immediately or park in the parking lot for the future. We encourage you to make your decision to watch openly.
  • We will help to inform the vet world on the latest best practices on patient and self-care
    We will develop and invest in additional resources and product development in mental health for our platform.
  • We will add our support to causes that champion diversity, equality and inclusion that lead to empowerment for ALL
    We have committed to supporting women’s initiatives. This year our annual drive supports mental health initiatives that are impacting the health of veterinarians and professionals. Link
  • We will Connect the next generation of veterinarians and professionals with industry leaders and resources through digital products and services that further nourish clients and self-care throughout their careers.
    We will hire dedicated resources to focus on personal branding, mental health and empowerment that includes diversity, equality and inclusion, supporting our DEI initiatives and our broader efforts in the mental health area.
  • We will empower the voices of every veterinarian and professional by addressing personal branding, mental health concerns and empowerment issues in the veterinarian world, ensuring they are heard
    We commit to providing our audience with resources that allow them to be resourceful in their career, business, and relationships.
    This journey is not a sprint, with no end in sight. As we enjoy the ride to success. We will continue to measure and review our progress quarterly to ensure we are meeting your needs and wants. As we continue to grow, we’ll add to our responsibilities to continue driving change in the vet world.



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