Personal Branding

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Veterinary Marketing Playbook Extended

Out NOW: Get the Veterinary Marketing Playbook Extended Audio Ebook!
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Masterclass Standalone: Personal Branding 101 For Veterinary Professionals

How Veterinary students and professionals leverage the digital tools of today to display their expertise and create opportunities that...
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How to address the top 5 misconceptions clients have about their puppy’s fist vet visit

by John Woods | 2021.09.20

A puppy’s first veterinary visit is definitely a milestone and can be a nerve-wracking time for first-time parents. Owners...

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3 steps to help you connect with clients on social media

by Kathryn Duris | 2020.07.13

Social media has exploded in the past decade, so it’s no surprise it’s spilling into the veterinary medical...

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You graduated, now what? What young vets should know about financial planning

by Laura de Armas | 2020.05.26

My fourth year of vet school flew by and before I knew it, it was time to begin...

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Social media brings people closer together

by Carmen Totolici | 2020.03.17

Thirty years ago, we would have only relied on word of mouth to promote a veterinary practice. Before...

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3 things to remember before a job interview

by Melody Winterhalter | 2020.02.18

I have officially been working in a clinic for about two months now and it has been a...

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Why I started a YouTube channel during vet school

by Brittney Kilgore | 2020.02.14

I finished undergrad in three years, which was great. But, my grades weren’t the best. Because of that,...

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Why I created my own scrubs brand: The Sankofa Medical Scrubs story

by Shermaine Wilson Cox | 2020.01.27

Medical professionals will typically wear plain colored scrubs, such as green, white, blue, purple, or black. These...


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