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Why I started a YouTube channel during vet school

I finished undergrad in three years, which was great. But, my grades weren’t the best. Because of that, I didn’t have much confidence in getting accepted into veterinary school during my first cycle. Luckily, I got into St. George’s University (SGU) in Grenada.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. At first, my parents were a bit shy to the idea of me moving abroad, but before you know it, they were just as thrilled and nervous as I was. At first, it was a little scary because I’d never left my friends and family before but it quickly became exciting. I’d always wanted to live abroad, so I supposed vet school was a great place to start. I figured moving to a non-first world community would give me a new cultural experience and a chance to meet people from other places.

All of my friends and family were so happy for me and it is for that reason I wanted to share my experiences. I knew it’d be tiring to send every picture, video, and moment to everyone, so I decided to start a YouTube channel. This way, I could share vlogs and document my experiences on this lovely Caribbean island.

Before long, I had other prospective vet and medical students (as SGU has a DVM and MD program) messaging me for more information. Most people wanted to know things like what there was to eat (on campus and in grocery stores) and what student housing was like off-campus, including amenities. A lot of people were also interested in learning about cell phone and Wi-Fi options in Grenada. I recalled how little information was out there, despite St. George’s being a U.S. school. This prompted me to start making videos about my vet school journey.

Now, my YouTube channel is currently up to 2,000 subscribers. Not only do my friends and family watch me, but also hundreds of Grenadians (many of which I’ve encountered in person at school and in the community), prospective students from all around the world (including the UK, Africa, Asia, and other Caribbean islands), and even other high schoolers and undergrad students who are just keeping their options open.

I may not be “YouTube famous,” but being able to reach so many people is truly touching. I’ve made so many friends and have come to love vlogging my experiences to share with others and make memories for myself. At the beginning of each term, I’d even get several random people coming up asking me, “Hey, you’re the YouTube girl right?” or “Omg, I watch your channel! It helped me so much.” I’ve even had a student tell my videos were the actual reason she chose SGU. That feeling is super rewarding.

So far, my favorite video to make was one where I asked different people what they thought the pros and cons were of going to a school in the Caribbean. I enjoyed seeing their thoughts and reactions behind the camera. I also like making any kind of island adventure vlog. The most popular video I’ve made to date is my grocery vlog because everyone loves food! As I continue into this vet field, I try to create more animal-related content and plan to keep doing so on into my career.

If you’re interested, check out my channel. I hope to one day specialize in feline medicine and keep inspiring future vets in the generations after me.

Brittney Kilgore is a 22-year-old, second-year DVM student at St. George's University, located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and has always had a passion for animals. Like many veterinarians, she wanted to pursue this career since her early childhood. She attended the University of Georgia for undergrad, where she started off majoring in poultry science and ended up with a degree in Biological Sciences. She has always been fascinated with cats, especially big ones. For most of her life, she hoped to work with large animals, but since she was 18, she worked in a feline specialty clinic and absolutely LOVED it. Brittney hopes to one day open an all-cat clinic of her own. Currently, she has one snowshoe cat named Toulouse who travels to and from Grenada with her.


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