Mental Health

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5 Ways to Deal with a Negative Co-worker

With | 2022.11.11
You were at the mercy of these emotional vampires for too long. A steady stream of angry criticisms and...
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Escape to Find Yourself in the VetSpace

With | 2022.11.01
Stress has become so widespread these days in the veterinary world that some are now considering stress part and...
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My experience with clinics while being in a “covid class”

With Andrea Rodriguez | 2022.04.08

There’s a popular saying in vet school “those who didn’t do well in the classroom, make up for it...

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Navigating the exciting unknown in vet med

With Krystal Bowers | 2022.03.15

Imagine going through the memories of 2021 as if scrolling down a social media feed. Some recollections play...

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How I re-booted my self-trust

With Sophie Bolton | 2022.03.04

For as long as I can remember, people have believed I could get through whatever I’m faced with—but...

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How do I make sure I make time for my friends without feeling guilty and overwhelmed?

With Tannetje' Crocker, DVM | 2021.10.02

TIME is one of the most precious resources when you are a vet student. There is never...

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How do I get past people’s negative input about becoming a vet?

With Ericka Mendez | 2021.09.20

I’m so sorry that everyone keeps discouraging you.  It can be hard to hold on to your dream...

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What are tips to grow more confident with my hands on skills when I am learning something new?

With Vicki Lim | 2021.06.06


1. Read up before you step up

If you’re doing something for the first time, it’s always...

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How can technicians be more supportive of each other through COVID?

With Valarie Adams | 2021.05.04

There is no doubt we are living through history. It is stunning when you think about the fact...


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