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5 Ways to Deal with a Negative Co-worker

5 Ways to Deal with a Negative Co-worker

You have had it up to here and are putting your foot down. Your VetSpace will no longer be a cesspool of bad vibrations from hostile colleagues.    

You were at the mercy of these emotional vampires for too long. A steady stream of angry criticisms and complaints is directed at anyone with a pulse. We must exorcise the demons of pessimism from your VetSpace.          

How can you eradicate attitude problems and poor behavioural choices from your VetSpace

1. Identify the culprit. This process is critical because you do not want to mutate into a member of the Inquisition out on a rabid witch hunt or lynching spree. It’s easier to deal with the person emitting negative energy in the office if you know who it is. Check to see if other employees’ morale has already dropped.  

2. Find out what’s causing the negativity. It doesn’t take a psychic to promptly figure out what others are negative about in a work environment. A few diplomatic questions or a heart-to-heart will do. Find out what the other person is feeling by empathizing with them.

3. Encourage your colleagues to take responsibility for their actions. When you’ve identified the source of their anger, assist them in taking control of their actions. If they feel they have the right to express themselves in a way that is opposed to the practice’s vision, explain why that specific behaviour is inappropriate for the VetSpace. In most cases, these people only need a detailed explanation to change their ways.

4. Don’t let the negative reaction get you down. Changing bad habits is more challenging than implementing positive behaviours. Some may be adamant about sticking to their old ways and refuse to change. It’s the coward’s way out. Be the change you want to see in the vet profession.

It’s evident that you don’t fear change in your life, and you’re confident that you can implement the changes you need to make. You wouldn’t be here if that weren’t the case! It may be necessary for you to encourage your colleague to replace their problematic habits with more acceptable ones if they cannot change them. Perhaps you can explain that their negative qualities overshadow their positive ones. In this way, they will be forced into a state of introspection and realize that they are indeed acting out of bounds. 

5. Set an example of excellence. Nothing is more powerful than a role model who exudes positive vibes to offset negative influences. Your colleagues will understand that optimists win and pessimists lose through your actions and behaviour.

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