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Our goal is to inform, connect, educate, and empower everyone in the veterinary field. As such, the exceptional instructors you will learn from demonstrate this shared passion to create a difference in the veterinarian world.

Advanced Online Course: The Power Of Personal Branding in the Veterinary Field

Advanced Online Course: The Power Of Personal Branding in the Veterinary Field


4-hours Online Course


Learn how veterinary students and professionals brand themselves online to establish their expertise and create opportunities.

Personal branding has never been more important than it is today for veterinarians and veterinary professionals. Building your personal brand online means building your reputation, establishing yourself as an authority figure within the industry and creating opportunities you may …

Online Course: Why Veterinary Technicians Matter

This online course “Why Veterinary Technicians Matter” will teach you how to tap into your skillset to make the money you deserve while doing what you love. In turn, you will alleviate the risk of burnout, compassionate fatigue, and financial health.

Online Course: How To Start A Successful Veterinary Side Hustle?

Side Hustles are a growing trend for veterinary technicians to supplement their income. Consequently, many veterinary technicians start off so excited when they see a side hustle opportunity they think will be a good fit for them. They make plans and think about how they’re going to spend their extra cash or how they’re going to quit their jobs the moment their side hustle takes off.

Online Course: Leadership Strategies For Veterinary Professionals

Many veterinary professionals have had the experience of working for a not-so-great boss. While it’s common for people to be promoted into management when they excel in non-leadership positions, the truth is that many people who get those promotions don’t have the skills they need to manage their teams effectively.

Advanced Online Course: Leading your money

This Online Course consists of 5 different On-Demand Session with Lyndon Davis. He will show you in five 60-minutes sessions how to make your money work better for you. Learn to invest, plan, budget and become the boss of your money.

Online Course: How To Start A Veterinary Business With Absolutely No Experience

Learn How To Start and Launch A Business Form Scratch In 30 Days. The pandemic brought many obstacles and hardships that we can now turn into opportunities. Now is the perfect time to start a veterinary business.

Online Course: Lazy Money & How To Make It Work For You!

We will show you how to make your money work better for you. We will breakdown the steps you need to become financially literate and take control of your budget. Learn to invest, plan, budget and become the boss of your money.

Online Course: 7 Keys to Build a Powerful Personal Brand in the Veterinary Space

Online Course: 7 Keys to Build a Powerful Personal Brand in the Veterinary Space
90-minute Online Course The Secrets of “How to Market Yourself in the Veterinary Field”

The world is changing, with your reputation and authority relying heavily on your online presence. Consequently, the veterinary field is no different. If you want to build awareness to yourself as a professional or to your veterinary business, you must create, build, …

We stand against side-lining mental health and disregarding women’s. But we recognize that merely voicing beliefs is not enough. Therefore, we’ve committed to visible and deliberate action with these seven steps.

  • We will use our platform to educate for change
    The online courses are created on the premise that learning is for everyone, and we foster that belief by creating lifelong learners on our platform. We are committed to creating content that educates on issues of brand empowerment, mental health and equality. Inspires effective leadership that leads to growth and development.
  • We will amplify diverse instructor voices in the veterinarian world
    Representation matters. Our incredible instructors will consistently meet the knowledge, skillset, and diversity our brand represents.
  • We encourage different ways of thinking Our online courses will offer different ways of approaching a subject to encourage a new way of thinking.
  • We will continue to provide the latest best practices for self-care
    We will provide resources to help people in the industry with their mental health and self-care.
  • We will continue to support to causes that fight for diversity, equality and inclusion
    This year our annual drive supports mental health initiatives that are impacting the health of veterinarians and professionals.
  • We will connect the next generation of veterinarians and professionals with industry leaders and digital resources
    We will provide dedicated resources to focus on personal branding, mental health and empowerment that supports our DEI initiatives and our broader efforts in the mental health area.
  • We will empower the voices of veterinarians and industry professionals
    We are committed to providing our audience with resources that allow them to grow in their career, business, and relationships.
    This journey is not a sprint, with no end in sight. As we enjoy the ride to success. We will continue to measure and review our progress quarterly to ensure we are meeting your needs and wants. As we continue to grow, we’ll add to our responsibilities to continue driving change in the vet world.

Online Courses – $19.99

These 60 to 90 minute budget friendly online courses offer you the fundamental information you need to develop your skills and proficiency on a variety of topics

Advanced Online Courses – $29.99

The Advanced Online Course consists of 4 different  modules. Each module will consist of 6 ten-minute lessons, totaling 60 minutes. The modules are designed to offer intermediate to advanced information that will allow each student to be able to apply and the lessons to themselves with the goal of seeing the intended results.


Lessons are interactive and each course offers an interactive course workbook, activities, and multiple choice quizzes to check your understanding.


Webinar Replay: How to work as a VetTec and make 6+ figures annually

How to work as a VetTec and make 6+ figures annually


We had a wonderful time in...

Webinar Replay 19th Jan. | How to Work as a Veterinary Technician And Make 6+ Figures Annually

UPDATE: We finally have a new date! Save your spot for our upcoming FREE Webinar on January 19th.

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